Noble Deceit

by jimphd

I’ve been working on a game tentatively titled Noble Deceit.  The game is a trick-taking game like Hearts meets strategy game like Magic: The Gathering.  It’s fast, easy to learn, and rewards strategy.  To win, you must become the monarch by currying favor with the nobles, however, the nobles are fickle and their allegiances shift.  In the game, this is represented by winning hands, if you win three hands, you win the game. Each player begins with seven noble cards, number one to seven, and three deceit cards, which are all unique.  Players take turns passing or playing any number of cards face down.  These cards can be either noble or deceit.  Once all players have passed, the cards are revealed.  Any duplicate nobles are then discarded.  Then each player adds up their remaining cards.  The player with the highest sum wins the hand, and all cards are discarded.  Players should keep their discarded cards face up in front of them so other players can see what they’ve played. Most of the time, when a card is played, it’s gone for good, so players must use their limited resources well if they want to rule the land. The main thing I’m trying to figure out now is how to determine the order of resolving the deceit cards.  Right now, there are icons on the cards, one for the reveal (arrow flipping up), one for discarding duplicates (two cards with X’s), and one for total (two cards with a plus sign).  These icons are meant to indicate the phase where the cards resolve, either when cards are revealed, duplicates discarded, or totals determined.  If two cards are resolved in the same phase, then resolve them in clockwise order, beginning with the card played by the player who went first in the round.  Resolve the deceit card for everyone, then move to the next card. Example: Alejandro went first this round, and plays “We’ll Meet Again”, a reveal phase card.  Emma plays “Bound by Honor”, another reveal phase card.  Since Alejandro went first, he returns a noble, then Emma’s card takes effect, meaning no other deceit cards are active.

Printable version of the game: (link removed as game has been updated substantially)