Three essentials

by jimphd

I love games and gaming, and I’ve started this blog to discuss games I’m playing, making, or thinking about.

Games are difficult to define.  So rather than do that, I’ll say what I like about games.  I like games with structure, with rules.  The structure creates equality for the players.  Though I may play someone older or younger, richer or poorer, or from a different cultural or ethnic background, we all play under the same rules of the game.  I like how games can bridge differences in this way; though my life might be different from the other players, in the game, we share a similar experience.

I tend to prefer strategy games, imagination games, and social games.  Strategy games are fun to me because of the challenge.  I like to play competitively and the mental challenge.  To win the battle of wits is thrilling.  Most strategy games require understanding the system, the costs, benefits, returns on investment, and optimal moves.  I find these skills in games are fun practice for real-life challenges.

Imagination is sometimes part of strategy games.  I like games with a simulation aspect.  Though Acquire is fairly abstract, I like pretending to be a corporate overlord deciding the fate of lesser peons.  I also like other imagination games, drawing games, games with word play, and acting.  These games are fun to play with children.  I like how these games contrast with my sometimes routine day-to-day life.

Finally, my favorite games have a social aspect.  I enjoy playing games with my friends.  Having a history of knowing how they will play, and sharing experiences in the game with them.  I am mostly a board and card game player, and the games I like let players express something of themselves in the game.  The game itself becomes a facilitator of a social exchange.